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We have worked with Acuity for several years now. Initially, we engaged them to assist the directors of the business set objectives for the businesses and to help set our personal objectives. Following that we asked them to provide additional training to our leadership team within our senior staff. This has helped us to develop as managers and lead as a team. Our understanding of each other's objectives, personalities, strengths and weaknesses has had a tremendously positive effect on us and the bottom line of the business.

The guys have provided us with tools to delegate tasks more readily and monitor the results without risk. They have provided some sales tools to proactively manage our A list clients and develop more business from our networks. They have been an excellent sounding board for the directors when we have been unable to recognize a clear strategy and coached us and some of the team on a one to one basis when the need arises.

I have no hesitation is recommending them.

Ted Mangan, Director



Clockwork, formerly known as Mytec, was purchased by the present owners in 2006. It is primarily involved in small format printing, scanning and copying.

The Issue

The new owners were keen to maximize their investment. They could see significant upside in operational efficiencies and growth in their share of the printing market. They had a strong desire to develop the team and instill a harmonious culture in the business. They wanted to make the business less reliant on their input and to triple net profit.

The Solution

The first platform was to implement an effective functional business structure and drive through operational efficiencies. The new culture (values and behaviors)   was developed with the team and implemented in the business.

A strategic planning process was introduced and reviewed on an annual basis. This included a review of their position in the marketplace and led to renaming and rebranding the business.

A profit incentive plan was introduced for senior employees and they were involved in Acuity’s Mindful Leadership Program to develop their awareness and leadership skills.