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Acuity Group

As business coaches, we often get asked for recommendations to service providers that we trust. Over the past 15 years, we have either coached or discovered credible, trustworthy and experienced providers for a range of services that our business clients need.

We are proud to list them here, and will update these as we find them and qualify them.


Lawyers: Paul D'Angelo, D'Angelo Legal

Accountants: Martin Kirkness, http://www.drykirkness.com.au

Recruitment: Jodie Perram, http://www.itch.com.au

Town Planning: Ben Carter, http://www.pinnacleplanning.com.au

Wealth Advisor: Cara Graham. http://www.twd.com.au

Commercial Banking: Guy Burdon, http://www.ritzfinance.com.au

Dr Guy Watts, http://www.guywattsplasticsurgeon.com.au

Networking: Quorum, http://www.quorumsme.org.au

Digital: Joel Pember http://www.juicebox.com.au

Construction: Shane Jez http://www.tydanconstructions.com.au

Construction: Shane Ball http://www.ballpointcg.com.au

Social Media: Amy Bentley, http://www.similesocialmedia.com.au

Rigging: Jon Adams http://www.advancedriggingco.com.au

Real Estate: Davd Eyers, https://www.acton.com.au/our-team/15352/david-eyers

Conveyancing: John Clarey http://www.iconconveyancing.com.au/

General Insurance: Daniel Brockway https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielbrockway/?originalSubdomain=au

Apps: Amel Holic https://www.blueskylabs.com.au/

Brand: Cameron McDiven https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameron-mcdiven-5a81b939/