Accelerate your business growth



Often we are referred to new or existing small businesses that could benefit from our business coaching, but are not able or ready to afford our fee. Until now, we have provided what assistance we could in our initial meeting, and offered to wait until they were ready. No longer...

Introducing Acuity SME, a coaching forum for small to micro enterprises that are ready and eager for support to grow, and are happy to engage with other small businesses in a group coaching forum. Whilst not as private as our regular business coaching, the benefits are that the fees allow small to micro businesses to access an Acuity business coach, and build a supportive business network to fast track their business growth.

As anyone who has started a small business knows, it can be a very lonely existence. Working from home sounds appealing, until you try it for a while. Even employing your first staff member can be frightening, as it’s the only time in the life of your business that you’ll double the size of it with just one recruit.

Most people underestimate the challenge that they have undertaken, and it’s only later that they realise that it’s one of the hardest things they will ever do in their life.

At Acuity, we understand this, and realise that you need support from a professional business coach, as well as from colleagues.

Welcome to Acuity SME. Your group will meet for one half-day per month, every month for 10 months. For an affordable monthly fee, you will learn what your business actually is, how to grow it and sustain it so that it can sustain you. After all, isn’t that why you started it in the first place?


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